Customer focused 100%
Vendor independent 100%
Innovative 100%
Human 100%

Founded on 1. January 2015 by Christian Reich, we have been dealing for more than 10 years with the world of digitization and how it can be used best for our all benefit.

In 2017, this achievement resulted in Christian being certified as one of the first Certified Digital Consultants in Austria.

“Only together we can be successful!”

Christian Reich (Founder and CEO)

100% vendor independent!

From the very beginning, our 100% vendor independence is an ideology that we live out of deep conviction. We believe that we can only provide honest advice if we are 100% on the side of our customers.

Also our focus on the important small and mid-sized business is consciously chosen by us. We experience that at these companies with only a few targeted measures, so much can be achieved. This fact alone is a major part regarding the answer of our "why".

And precisely for this reason, we have decided to establish a "Technologieengel collective" in order to support as many companies as possible in their digitization progress.

CoWo, Molkereistraße 4, 4910 Ried im Innkreis, Austria


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